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Deconstruction is the process of dismantling everything you've been handed about God, the world, and yourself. It is the excruciating, liberating process of asking questions with the willingness to be wrong. My own deconstruction started about 16 years ago when I hit ground level in my life. I couldn't keep up the suffocating expectations anymore, I couldn't reconcile to the language of christianity or the shame fueled theology that had consumed my entire life. The deeper I slipped into depression, anxiety, physical sickness, and a life I had been taught to classify as "sin" the less I wanted to take a single step forward. My own deconstruction has taken me out of the christian church and into a truer life of encountering Divine Love. You can read more about my ongoing journey HERE or on my Instagram or Facebook pages. You can also check out the podcast (The Wild Rising) I run alongside Lauren Burba, The Church Witch


Wholeness and wellness go hand in hand. I am constantly seeking balance, which often looks like green juice + donuts, plant based foods + the Beyond Burger at Carl’s Jr, yoga + Netflix, meditation + Cards Against Humanity, hiking + hot cheetos. Everything belongs. When you look through the Desert Glow portion of my site you’ll see that essential oils play a huge part in how I balance myself. I keep my house stocked with Young Living essential oils, supplements, and household products and, yes, I also happily make an income with Young Living. I did a shit ton of research because - like most people - I’ve been burned and annoyed by MLMs and wasn’t interested in being a salesy person. Ever. I tippy toed my way into Young Living, knowing I’d use the products even if I never made a check. Ultimately I chose YL for two reasons: 1) because of the high level of integrity they show towards people and the planet and 2) because they have been around for over 20 years, are committed to the Seed to Seal guarantee, and have chosen integrity over profit more times than I can count - which hasn't gotten in the way of the entire company grossing over 1 billion dollars last year. Making an income with the oils I personally am completely obsessed with is pretty damn awesome - seeing as how I’m a single mom after 13 years of being a stay at home mom. High fives all around!






I have been a natural light photographer for over 11 years. Most of my sessions take place throughout Arizona and I am occasionally able to offer sessions in Southern California, the PNW, and Rocky Point, Mexico (follow me on Instagram or Stephanie Greene Photography on Facebook to stay up to date on session opportunities). I believe in cultivating a free, compassionate, and wild life through creative mysticism, which lends itself to a unique kind of photo session. I want to provide a space where you can celebrate yourself as you are, not as you should be or as you once were. I want to invite you into self kindness, self love, and self acceptance by creating a safe atmosphere. Being in front of a camera can often feel uncomfortable initially, but we'll work together to get you through the initial awkwardness and into a fun, adventurous experience. We'll use your location of choice (urban or desert) to help craft a session that best reflects you. 


I one million percent believe that everyone has a very specific, creative purpose. There is something that only you can do in the world, an offering that no one else can give to the rest of us. We are divinely inspired to live in the rhythm of nature, of creativity, and of human interaction. So hear me, babes, until you tap into your own creative purpose there is a hole in the world. 

Maybe you know what sparks you, but you couldn't even begin to know how to put it together and start putting yourself out into the world. Maybe you have vision and a plan, but creating an esthetic brand just isn't in your wheelhouse. This is where we can sync up and work together to turn your epic purpose into an actual creative reality. Check out the “Work” tab to see how we can move you towards your calling in the world.


I'm a 4 with a 5 wing on the Enneagram (if you haven't checked out the Enneagram before, here's a great resource), which means I'm all head and all heart. All the time. I never turn off. I am almost always processing my way through something in my life and that makes writing a necessary therapy. I write because I need the words, the energy, the experience to live somewhere else other than just in my body. I write to release something from my process and to help me get clearer. I started my first blog when my middle son was a baby, in the worst part of my marriage. I needed a place to write about marriage, and divine love, and hard things, and the sacred world of women. If you were to look back at my old blog posts you'd see how much has changed in my worldview, how much I have deconstructed my faith and my own codependency. I hope in ten years I'll look back at the posts on this blog and think the same thing. That's what growth is and I'm in full pursuit of it. I don't write in order to convince people of something or to establish myself as an expert. I write because life is full of ache and so many of us are looking for the people who are walking alongside us. I write to purge the truth from my body and I write to help you purge it from your body too. If you're here and you're reading, we are traveling shoulder to shoulder. I hope you feel that.



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