31 Days of Reclaiming Body Image

For the month of October I'm linking in with The Nester's 31 Days challenge. Every single day (fingers crossed) I'm going to post something on this subject.

Cause it's necessary, right?

Maybe, in order to gain some movement, we need to rewrite our thought processes. Lets meet here every day to talk about how we can tear down the patterns and lies that have kept us bound to despair in our bodies. Lets show up to start something new; to rebuild the culture of body image.

Somewhere in us we know that it's not about our bodies - our struggle doesn't really have anything to do with how we look, or don't look. Somehow we've just never been able to truly believe that we have the freedom to come to life as we are.

As we are. Not as we once were, or never were. As. We. Are.

So, in a wild act of bravery, let's do just that this month. Lets bring it to the table. All of our giftings and failures; our struggle and our joy; our passion and our discontentment. Just show up. And I'll show up.

Maybe leaning into our fear and grief and struggle will be enough to create a shift for all of us. Maybe applying the force of truth will turn the vehicle around. Maybe we'll find ourselves on a new road, living a free-er life.

Are you in?

*September 2013