Almost There

Almost there, friends. Just a few more days.

What have you learned about yourself this month? What has surfaced? Have you discovered that you are deeper than you thought? Have you uncovered distorted filters, worn out patterns, a desperate desire to go another way?

You're not alone. We're walking this road together - battered hearts, tired bodies, fully anticipating a NEW thing.

Lets do kindness today. All of us. Kindness towards one another and kindness towards ourselves. We're making a deliberate practice out of demolishing shame. That's a big deal.

I'm proud of you. I hope you are too. I also hope that, if nothing else, this month has revealed a path that you didn't know existed for you. A path of inner grace. One that leads straight to redemption, to the clearing away of old rubble and to the rebuilding of truth with compassion.

Two more days, sister. Practice your kindness and create some kind of marker that won't let you forget what you've overcome this month.

*If you want to share it with us use the hashtag #31daysofreclaimingbodyimage. 

*October 2013