Cause You Are This Brave

Every day is a challenge, no? We're living that kind of life, aren't we? We wake up in the morning and stare into the face of our beautifully simple, mundane lives. We dress for the day, make our plans, work, get paid, see our families, clean our homes, put gas in our cars, buy our groceries, invest in our children and relationships. We live our lives. Today is just a Tuesday. It's so simple, just shimmering there on the surface of our lives. In 24 hours it will all be gone and we'll start all over again.

Which makes it clear that our lives are fleeting. Our days are running together and disappearing right out from underneath us. They are passing and we are growing. What if we used our mundane lives, our normal, every day kind of living, our words and our actions to create the kind of communities that sparkle in the settling dust. What if we stopped floating and started swimming? What if we paid more attention to the girl behind the counter, the frustrated customer service guy, our whining and obnoxious kids? What if we looked people in the eyes and tried to remember that they are human beings just like us, living their mundane lives too?

What if we started something deep beneath the surface? What if we did the brave thing and started painting little specks of kindness that grew into giant waves of glorious acts of mercy? What if we did the opposite of what we want to do? What if we stop letting the ordinary outweigh the extraordinary? What if we dressed ourselves like warriors of grace and lived with intention? Maybe just for today? Because then today will become tomorrow and, before we know it, maybe we will be living the kind of lives that will change everything.

It's Tuesday, friends. Tuesday seems like a good day to get brave.

Ready? Go live.

*March 2013