Daisy is Home

"You will never forget that he led you through the great and terrifying wilderness with its poisonous snakes and scorpions, where it was so hot and dry. He gave you water from the rock!" {Deut 8:15 }

Last night Daisy slept eight hours straight through. Her Auntie Nikki held her the entire time and she didn't stir once. When she woke up this is what she did. She played and rolled around and smiled and crawled all over us. She is finally Daisy again.

Not long after she woke up her doctor came in, checked her out and asked if we wanted to go home. We were discharged really quickly and I am now sitting on our couch at home, feeding our sleepy girl and praising Jesus that we are back in our own home - ant invasion and all! :)

Daisy still needs to heal. Her ordeal isn't quite over, but she is our happy little bug again. We keep looking back and thanking God that Daisy is whole and healthy.

Her doctor told us yesterday that the antibiotics she was on really shouldn't have made a difference (she's on new ones now), but she was showing so much improvement anyway. We all know why Daisy is better. You have all stood guard over her. We've cried out for healing and wholeness. And Daisy is healed. Daisy is whole. Jesus is the Rescuer.

We are so loving having Daisy Belle home again. Aravis and Judah swing back and forth between wanting to snuggle Daisy and fighting with each other. They've hit the wall for sure. I'm praying they will sleep good and hard tonight. Oh my babies. It's been a rough week.

Thank you for praying us home. You are permanently loved.