Don't Stop

We did it, sisters. We traveled hard and, sometimes, uncomfortable ground together. I hope your heart was exposed to you. I hope your real battle was uncovered - not with your imperfect body, but with the lying voices raging against your freedom. You were meant to be a free and wildly impactful creature. Your purpose in this world was never to play small or to minimize your influence. You were created with a specific calling. Your calling has always been, and will always be, to live in the freedom of Jesus and to share that freedom.

If you came to this month with a heavy heart and a shame filled mindset, I hope you will leave with a bondage shattering shout of declaration. Proclaim the truth of who you are with every breath, sisters. When those old lies move against you, push back. When the constant pressure of our beauty culture starts to crush you, lean into Jesus. Trust that he is the same God who parted the Red Sea, who delivered his people from their enemies over and over again, and who became Compassion to help you. He knows that we are sick, hungry and in trouble. He will never abandon us in our desperation.

I am so thankful that you chose to fast and dive deep with me. Your presence drove me forward. When it was really hard to show up, when my own wounds surfaced and grew raw again, I remembered that you were still being brave. So I braved up too. Thank you for that.

The never-ending challenge is to keep going. Don't stop. Don't fall back. We've gained new ground this month - lets not lose it. Keep reclaiming your body image, friends. We can change everything about our beauty culture if we keep choosing freedom and declaring it over others.

You are worth it. The women in your life are worth it.

*Thank you to The Nester for opening the door to this challenge every year. It's such a beautiful gift you give to this world.*

*October 2013