Let's talk The Organic Analogy.

The idea is that society functions like a human body. Every system in the body, and in life, relies on one another. There's no changing ONE thing without changing EVERY thing.

I'm guessing this is why God called me into Revelation Wellness. I'm more aware of his Presence when I'm at the gym. I'm weeping over pages that are filled with nutritional information. I'm soaking in a community that is working towards becoming Healthy and Whole.

And it is affecting EVERYTHING. Everything...


I'm growing physically and unraveling emotionally.

Old things are resurfacing; things I've been able to block out or avoid for over 20 years.

My dreams are vomiting up fear and pain and sadness.

I'm waking up exhausted and clinging to Jesus.

And then he's soothing me during the day; encouraging me to press forward, or sometimes to fall back.

I stand in the broken piles that used to be me. My heart sinks because there is just TOO MUCH RUBBLE.

But I remember Nehemiah. I think about what he told his people to do when all was lost.

He said to carry a sword in one hand and the materials to rebuild in the other.

At all times.

Don't let go of the sword.

And Alisa reminds us that Paul compares Truth to a sword.

So, I just keep standing with Truth in one hand, and hope in the other.

I just keep rebuilding. I just keep going.

I just keep living the Organic Analogy. I'm growing physically - and it's changing me spiritually, mentally... emotionally.

Everything is changing.