Frame It

We are slowly making our way down California. There is no rush. We are happily soaking up the last day of our vacation. We are finally with Joe again; our complete family cruising down the highway together. Our kids are giggling and playing make-believe games in the backseat. They are including the baby and she is squealing with excitement. They are content.

I love the words coming from their mouths. I love joe's strong peaceful presence next to me. I love the hills rolling past us, the open sky swallowing us whole.

If I could freeze this moment I would. I would frame it and hang it under the canopy of our love. Its like the veil between heaven and earth has thinned. It's just us. Just the five of us. We are overflowing with beauty right here, right now. Everything is lovely and we are loved.

I'm happy. I'm content. I know this trip won't last forever. It never does. But I'll tuck it away. I'll remember the completeness of this day when I need it most. When storm clouds roll in over us again I'll peek inside, drawing from the glory of today.

Today we're happy. It's enough.