He's A Good Man Raising A Good Boy...

I married a strong man who loves to play in the dirt. He comes home sweaty and callused; tired and covered in hard work. I have never known him to be lazy or to half ass anything. This is one of the things I adore about him.

And, even more, I love that he will extend a project just to teach our kids how to do it. Aravis and Judah are learning how to work hard and they are having so much fun doing it.

This afternoon Judah saw his daddy doing some gardening and threw on his little orange flip flops to run outside and help. Joe didn't miss a beat. I looked out the window and saw Judah leaning on his daddy as Joe taught him how to take a plant from its container and plant it in the ground.

I felt my heart swell with love for my husband and with pride in his love for our kids.

Not every kid has a daddy who will take the time to teach them. Not every daddy is this patient and interested in helping their children learn. Our kids are blessed.

I am blessed...

good man 8.jpg