Made For the Banquet

"God did not create us to obey laws but to attend a banquet. Jesus makes that absolutely clear. " {Rohr}

I like that Jesus liked to eat meals with people. I like that he made a statement about salvation and hope through bread and wine. I like that he knew that celebration happened through food and that people needed to see him eating and drinking and relaxing. There are way too many holy encounters with Jesus that revolved around food for it to be a coincidence.

Because that's what human beings do. When we want to connect with each other we go out to eat, we have a bbq, we make Sunday dinner. And then we all sit around and talk and laugh and sink into beautiful moments that somehow define us.

Food is significant. It either nourishes us or it masters us. We are either sweetly filled and satisfied or consumed and over-stuffed. Food can be an expression of freedom or a deep space of bondage.

Like people.

Like faith.

We can find freedom in the beautiful written words of Jesus or we can use them to shackle our feet to the floor. We can obey laws and use our faith to create steels walls that keep people at a safe distance or we can sit down at the table and have conversations that shake our souls with joy. We can fall back at the end of the night perfectly full, remembering the taste of love and debate and friendship.

Balance is at the very core of absolutely everything we do. Life is delicate. We are fragile.

Sometimes food is my master. I cower in the corners of my soul and allow self deprivation to sit on the throne of my life.

Sometimes food is completely spiritual. I bite into a giant, organic strawberry and I am in awe of the God who created such an amazing thing. Mostly because he made me to enjoy it. And he made it FOR me.

Sometimes we are free. Sometimes we are bound. But we are always made for the banquet. Sinner or not, we are made to relax at the table with the God of Creation. Free or not we are made for the feast of mercy that fills the space between our chairs and His.

We know that this is true because Jesus choose to spend his time eating with the people he most wanted to touch. He never forgot that hunger runs deeper than our bellies. And he never forgot that we will always be distracted by the rumbling of our humanity. We groan because we must be fed. And he reclines at our kitchen tables, eager and able to feed us.