New Every Morning

Last night our friend Aaron told me that the venom had left her body. I went to sleep (for almost the first time since we arrived) hoping that I would wake up to change. I slept hard and when I woke up Daisy was squirming away. Our amazing night nurse, Ian, told me that they had tried to wean her off the sedation, but Daisy is a feisty little thing and fought the tube in her throat so they had to put her back under. But the fact that she is so easily agitated is a good thing - it means that they will be able to just pull out the tube while she is still slightly sedated. This morning they have been turning down the ventilator and she is breathing more and more on her own. The best part - her fever is GONE (antibiotics have made me happy today)!

I want to post a photo for you, but I thought I'd hold out for a breathing tube free shot. :)

I also woke up to a beautiful sight. My Facebook wall and newsfeed are bursting at the seams with Daisy. You beautiful people have been up all night praying. You have woken up with her in your heart. You are dedicating your Holy Yoga classes to her. You are sharing the link to my blog and asking your communities for prayer. She is everywhere.

Joe and I just sat here and cried. We are touched by the massive amount of prayer and love for Daisy. And it is WORKING. Today is a new day. The mercy of God is thick and strong over my baby. She is turning a corner and I KNOW that God has heard us all. I imagine he is just as moved by the outpouring over Daisy as we are.

The obsticle today is getting her off of the ventilator. We are praying for a smooth transition with no complications. It looks like it will happen within the next hour or so, so keep her lifted!

Aravis and Judah are coming down this afternoon to see her. They are worried and really have NO IDEA how bad it has been. Pray for their hearts and their minds. Pray that God would prepare and sustain them. We are ready to love on them and are hoping for a powerful peace to cover them both.

Once the tube is out I will post another update. Until then thank you. My heart overflows with love for every single one of you. If I could hug each of you I would. Consider yourself squeezed.