Quick Update

Daisy is completely off her meds and is (for now) comfortably sleeping. Her fever returned for a little while this morning and she still has the breathing tube. It's been a little rough because she is so easily woken up now. They've had to draw her blood a few times and it was PAINFUL to watch her try to cry. Her little face contorts and she even has tears, but she can't make any noise over the breathing tube. We've done our best to comfort her and soft music seems to be the most relaxing. We're still just waiting. I'm dying to hold her and I know it's coming soon.

We are so blessed to have good friends who have come to see us in the PICU. And thank God for my sweet friend Charity who brought us fresh smoothies this morning. The hospital food is doing me in. :)

We are still just so blessed by the outpouring of strangers and friends. Thank you for your gifts, for your prayers, for your support and for your blessings.

We're still just waiting on the tube. Still just praying for rest and comfort for Daisy. And we're waiting for Aravis and Judah to arrive.