Road Trip

Two weeks ago I told Joe that I HAD to get out of the desert. Everywhere I turned I was being blasted with heat and visions of scorpions. I felt like my soul was drying up  and swirling around in a haboob (JUST learned that that is what you call a giant duststorm... seriously. Who named it a HABOOB?!). Financially, there is no way we can take a family vacation right now. Daisy's hospital stay threw us off of our already unstable footing (thank you to ALL of you who have gifted us and helped steady us again). But Joe bought himself a plane ticket so he could drive me and the kids to my girlfriend's house in Northern California and fly home to work.

He was able to stay for the weekend, at least, and flew home this afternoon. It was too short. I'm here, with the kids for two glorious weeks (split between my two bestie's houses), but I really wish he was here with us.

If you've been to the Bay area you know how amazing it is. The air is cool and moist. There are green things growing EVERYWHERE. And my kids are happily distracted by their cousins. I am so, so thankful to be here.

So far this is what we've done...