Break down. It doesn't kill you.

Maybe it lets you breathe a little deeper.

Maybe it builds a bridge to cross the canyon of despair and little broken shards of soul you've been trailing along behind you.

Take that first inhale. Feel the tiny slivers of glass sharp, cold, clean air.

Hear the sound of billions of voices having relinquished before you.

It's that overused, under appreciated word billowing in the air around you.



More than that.

Something new, springing up out of old, cracked ground.

Springs of water, spilling out onto the desert.

Hard pressed clay turning into mud.

Whatever they thought you should be, you are what you are.

Break down.

Rivers of tears flooding the broken chasms in your soul.

Press your feet into the soft, sticky earth and spread your arms wide.

Press your heart forward, breaking past the ropes that silently twist across your chest.

Throw back your head and weep.

Or exhale.

Drench your own heart in beauty.

Unclench. Relinquish. Surrender.

Let it be.

*September 2012