Scarcity + Abundance

It seems like everywhere I turn these days this subject is coming up. And lately, when I get quiet with the Lord, this is where the deep work is done. Have you heard it? Is it a part of your conversations; your heart cries? Have you become aware of the wild swinging we women are prone to? It seems we're mostly one or the other. Some days we are drowning in scarcity; others we are soaring in abundance.

It looks like this:


Scarcity is defined as a shortage, meagerness. Poverty. Scarcity is where we land when someone beautiful, certain and strong enters the room. Instantly we feel all of the worthiness being sucked into her vacuum. Where moments before we were just floating along, we are now suffocating. She has all of the air. All of the attention. All of the beauty. All of the value. We truly believe, in our deepest, poorest spaces, that there is a shortage of feminine worth in the world. If someone else has something we don't then she must have everything. And we have nothing.

In the world of women this leads to some behaviour you might be familiar with. Gossip. Judgement. Anger. Overblown emotions. Assumptions. We've all done it. We've all felt it. This is the way of the culture we are spinning our wheels in. This is the way of scarcity. And scarcity is only possible when we have been living out of a deficit.


On the other hand abundance is defined as a very large quantity of something. As in, there's more than enough for everyone. We can keep on drinking and the well will never run dry. We don't have to ration or hoard. There is enough. We are enough. Healthy abundance is shared wealth. A beautiful woman walks into the room and our hearts are at rest. We can celebrate and enjoy her beauty because we are so nourished, so filled to abundance. We can even heap more worth on her. We can fill her cup because our cups are overflowing.

Maybe you've experienced this too. Abundance opens the door for joyful community. Deep friendship. Returned celebration. Peaceful hearts. And even more, friends, because in abundance we might discover that the one we once thought was sucking up all of the value is stumbling through her own scarcity. She might be starving inside; aching underneath the surface. She may be desperately needing another woman to see her - the real her.

We're on this journey because we want to heal, but also because we want to heal each other. We want wide open doors of free friendship. We want the population of women to thrive. We want the kind of peace that allows us to embrace and celebrate beauty in the world. We want to throw off the burden of trying to hoard beauty. And when we do that, when we start overflowing into one another, everything will change. Everything.

Our mission is to conquer scarcity. Both in ourselves and in each other.

So do this today: celebrate someone else. The moment scarcity starts to creep up in your heart, find something in her to embrace. Turn your heart from resenting her and maybe you will find something you have been desperately needing. I've heard from a lot of you that this series is sparking honest and healing conversations with your girlfriends. Keep doing that. Keep talking. Stay vulnerable. We're in this together.

*October 2013