The First One Who Made Me Selfless

The first time I started to see myself as a resource for someone else's existence was eight years ago today. eight short-long years ago I gave birth to this curly-haired, passionate, tender-hearted little prophet. She instantly consumed every thought, every decision, every waking moment of my life. She changed everything. No, really, everything. I learned how to parent by being her mama. I learned how to love and nurture by living my life as her mama.

Aravis was the very first grandchild/niece on both sides of our family. She was the first of the Moors/Seekins combination and she carries that title well. Aravis is a fabulous combination of all of us, and she is something completely new at the same time. She is spunky, decisive, creative, beautifully kind and resourceful.

I could write a book on Aravis; on her wickedly funny stories and the glorious moments that come with being in her life. I'm so proud of her. I'm so, so proud of who she is becoming.

Her name means, "One who walks with the Lion". Those of us who know the lion named Aslan, know that Aravis' name fits her well. She walks with Jesus. She knows him and lives him. She is passionately faithful to the truth and is learning to live by grace. She is a lover of beautiful things. She loves creation and she loves creating. She is the best big sister ever. Ever. She is already so much more than I am, so much stronger and wiser than I am.

My entire goal as Aravis' mama is that she will live well; that she will love her childhood and every moment that follows. My prayer for her is that she will learn to live her life, even in the dark moments. I know that there is nothing I can do to make her not need Jesus, nor do I want to. I want her to need him. I want her to live her beautifully unique life in a full and powerful way.

Happy birthday, Aravis. You are a source of light and joy. I love you, Buster.

*February 2013