The Sound of Broken

My dad's car used to make a horrible squealing sound every time he pulled out of the driveway. We lived next door so we could always tell when Poppa was leaving. Sometimes we would make comments like, "There goes Poppa. Wonder if he's running to the store - I need bread." This went on for maybe a year. There wasn't anything functionally wrong with the car, but it was a pretty dang horrible sound.

One day Judah (who was only a year old) was playing with his cars on the floor. All the sudden we hear his high-pitched voice squealing, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE". We look down and he's pushing his car across the floor. And then it dawns on us. He is imitating Poppa's car. He thinks THAT is the sound cars make!

And then we laughed so hard we just about peed our pants.

Every now and then we remember this story and we laugh just as hard. Aravis and Judah just can't understand why it's THAT funny, but holy cow, we DIE laughing.

In all seriousness isn't this what we ALL do? We hear something often enough and it begins to make sense. We start thinking, "Well this is just the way it IS." We allow dysfunctional, unhealthy circumstances to become our reality.

I certainly do it. Little lies creep across the threshold of my mind and repeat themselves so often that I really start to think they are true. Like Judah, I hear it and I apply it. I think, "This is just how marriage IS", "This is just how the world works", "This is the only way to be happy with myself". Lies. All lies. And all so normal, so acceptable, so every day and familiar.

Here's where I get super corny....

Although I tend to run away from pictures of Jesus as anything other than plain old Creator of Life and Existence I've starting thinking about JESUS as our mechanic. He gets to the problem of that nasty, squealing sound and he fixes it. He sets it right. And he re-writes our existence. There's really no need to go around squealing and screeching. He can take out old, broken parts and put in new ones. He can replace worn belts and replenish fluids. He is the master of healing - of restoration.

I don't want to walk around squealing anymore. I don't want my kids to hear me and think that THIS is what is normal. I want them to hear the sounds of health, of balance and of freedom.

I want them to mimic what is healthy and whole.