The Spoken Word of God In Us

I was listening to a goooood sermon by Rob Bell on 1 John 2 the other day and he mentioned this verse: "...and the word of God lives in you, and you have overcome the evil one." He pointed out that John's audience had a very significant attachment to the "Word" of God. John was telling his readers that the Word of God - the Spoken Word that is the creative energy of God - lives in them. That which set planets in their precise positions; that which established boundaries for oceans; that which formed mountains and set our bones and muscles and ligaments and organs into their perfect spaces - THAT energy lives in them. In us. In me.

That wild, artistic, inspiring, breath-taking energy. Lives. In. Us.

The Word of God.

And I think about that now when I'm cleaning my kitchen. When I'm nursing my baby. When I'm folding laundry. When I'm stretching the limits of my body in yoga. When I'm sweating like a beast at the gym. When I'm watching my kids play in the fountains at Desert Ridge. When I'm responding to emails. When I'm watering the plants. When I'm pushing the cat off the counters. I think about it all the time.

Because the Word of God also became flesh. The creative energy of God confined itself to humanity and expressed itself through healing. and calm, powerful words, and silence when being attacked, and sorrow, and relationships, and tired, traveling feet, and death. Torture.

This wild, beautiful thing. This creative and powerful God. The very source of life and existence not only opened his arms to beatings and rejection and death and somehow resurrected himself, but actually - in some unbelievable way - lives in ME.

And here I am covered in anxiety, worried about how I'm going to get my car fixed, how I'm going to keep my cool when my kids are bickering, how I'm going to connect with my husband this week, how I'm going to lose the last 6 pounds of baby weight.... It never ends. I use all my energy worrying. I pass by the Great, Living energy of Yeshua, of YWH, to waste myself on small things.

Maybe this is why he said worrying won't help us. It won't change anything. And it won't set us free.

These two energies war against each other. One fights for the freedom of my heart. One fights to hold me captive.

This morning in Holy Yoga Alisa read another verse from 1 John. This one says that fear is about punishment...

There's another energy at work in me. Fear.

And fear is about punishment?


We all do it. Shame creeps into our behavior. Sickness floods our hearts. We grow tired and complacent. We get lazy. And then we grow guilty. We remember that God has been faithful to us. We remember that sermons are full of instructions to have a quiet time every day. We remember that we haven't been to church is a really long time. We realize our own wandering, our own sadness. And we get afraid. We're afraid of God rejecting us, of people rejecting us. Our own minds, our own energy, starts working against us. Instead of allowing love to draw us to wholeness, we let fear drive us to punishment.

We forget that the Spoken Word of God has taken up residence inside of us.

We forget that the unfathomable God has set a spark of life so deep inside of us that it cannot be rooted out.

We forget him.

How do we forget him? Why is it so easy to ignore the very thing that keeps us breathing? Why do we make up something else? Why do we ignore his Presence holding us together? Why do we use his creative energy to create something else to give ourselves to - anything but him?

I just can't stop thinking about it.

The Spoken Word of God. In us.