Vasisthasana, Side Plank

Shift from the space you are comfortable in.

Toes root into the earth, palms sink down and shoulders draw up.

The core of your body lifts on the thread of a powerful string.

Energy pulses from your heels, along your strong back body and out through the crown of your head.

Deep breath. Not without the breath.

Your right hand roots beneath your nose, drawing from the strength of your own assurance.

You have this.

Your left arm sweeps high, like a wing. You gather air through your fingertips, stacking your shoulders and reaching for clouds and blue breeze.

Your right foot blades into the earth.

Rooted, friend.

You are ready to soar.

Grip the toe of your left foot and open wide.

Heart is opening, hips are expanding, belly is strong.



Draw the hips toward the sky, power through your rooted hand, allow your shoulder blades to kiss.

It's holy because it's fearless.

It's growth.

It's new.

*October 2012