We Need To Be Reminded

You know what I think is truly at the root of body shame?

We don't know that we're loved. And we're pissed about it. 

We were made for love. The need to be known and loved is rooted in the deepest corners of every human heart. We are so dependent on love that we will go searching for any substitute to numb the lack. We feel the absence of love and it stings us. We ache, we grieve, we yearn. We can't escape the need because we weren't MEANT to escape it. We were created to flourish and grow and breathe in love like it was oxygen. None of us are exempt.

It's in us.

And we're angry because our love filters are clogged with things like manipulation, rejection, expectation, abuse, abandonment, distortion, and loss. Probably multiple people and experiences have proven to us that we aren't loved - not deeply, unconditionally and fully. We label things love because we want to BE loved, but those things aren't love. Most often they are addictions, co dependency, physical contact or abuse. We've all lived with one or all of those things at some point in our lives and it's really likely we've called them 'love'.

I really need to be reminded today that, even though my filter is cruddy and gunked up, love is a real thing. I'm not going to earn it. I'm not going to suffer for it. Love is gentle and it is coming for me - even though I may not be able to recognize it when it does. Maybe you need to be reminded too. Isn't it entirely possible that we rage against our bodies because we just can't figure out how to be loved? We're pushing a boulder uphill, friends, and we're tired. We're looking around for someone who is capable of bearing the burden; for someone who is clothed in mercy, but we've only known this self-destructive way of life. We're trying to change everything, but nothing will change until we encounter a filter demolishing kind of love.

My prayer for you today is that you would be cleansed by love. I'm praying that something massive and foundational would shift; that we would come all the way to cleared ground and find love waiting for us there. There's no challenge today - only an invitation. Press play, close your eyes and invite the Spirit of God to minister love to you in a way that no one has ever been able to. Soak your heart and consider the possibility that love is already present. Ask God to start clearing your filter. I'm right there with you.

*October 2013