There is something you are meant to do in the world, something embedded deep in your own code. Life experiences, wounds, fear, and negative thought patterns might have distracted you from your truest self, but that doesn't need to be the end of the story. You are capable of rewriting the narrative and taking yourself back. You don't need to wait for someone else to wake you up, to heal you, or to propel you forward. You have always had the power to do the deep and sacred work of living your own life. 
This is the most honest offering I could bring to you, friends. These sessions hold elements of my own story, the deep work of uncovering my truest calling in life, actions and mantras I needed to adopt in order to live a free life in the midst of emotional hurricanes, a new way of interacting with fear, and the importance of building a clear visual brand to best share my vision with the world. I fully believe that the truest thing we can do in our lives is to intentionally commit ourselves to the endlessly deep work of learning who we are and how to best share that with one another. The more we unfold ourselves in the practice of Creative Mysticism, the more we find ourselves living aligned, free, and beautifully wild. There is so much packed into these four sessions and I can't wait to meet you right where you are. 



Creative Mysticism is for everyone who is waking up, everyone who has shed something old but aren't quite sure yet how to build something new. If you are in the sacred in-between space, this is for you. If you are looking for tools + practices to help you cultivate new thought patterns and a healthy relationship with fear, this is for you. If you want to create your own clear offering for the world through gaining clarity in purpose and building a visual brand, this is for you. This bridge of spirituality, intentional direction of your energy, and a few powerful daily practices are a launching off point for your own forward movement. Often we don't know how to travel a new path because we don't know how to even locate it. Let's divine for water in this desert together, friends. Let's hold holy ground as you take back your life. Let me cheer you on as you rewire the negative scarcity patterns in your mind and release your good heart back into the wild. 


These five sessions are packaged together in the most affordable way I could do it. I want this to be a true offering, an equal exchange of energy, and I know that so many of us have very little to invest. YOU are a worthy investment. I want this to be where my path meets yours and where we travel forward together for awhile. Most of you know my own story: leaving a community I had poured my heart, creativity, energy, and skill into, a decade long season of spiritual deconstruction that led to the ongoing work of reconstructing my sense of The Divine, a painful marriage filled with codependency, addiction, abuse, and betrayal that eventually led to a divorce, adjusting to life as a single, working mama, shedding purity culture - this has been a long, hard road. And every inch of it has brought me into a freedom I would not have had access to without having learned how to rise out of pain. I don't regret an inch of it. I don't despise a moment of it. I am constantly choosing to move all the way through it and to grow because of it. I want that same thing for you.

Here's what you'll find in the exclusive Creative Mysticism Sessions portal:

  • Access to all five video sessions and resources
    • Session One: The Badass Power of Creative Mysticism
    • Session Two: Calling + Cause
    • Session Three: Creating A Healthy Relationship With Fear
    • Session Four: Your Visual Brand
      • Take a crash course in smartphone photography + how to get the best images

      • Discover the best smartphone apps for editing + creating

    • BONUS Session Five: The Practice of Forgiveness

  • $50 discount code for ongoing Creative Mysticism Mentoring Sessions


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