Up until that moment I had lived every moment of my life from a space of lack, which heavily contributed to my lifelong generalized anxiety disorder and the inevitable depression that would follow intense anxiety spikes.

I got married and had babies when I was in my early 20’s and, again, lived a lifestyle of lack.

There was never enough money, enough time, enough peace, enough kindness, enough love. There was never enough and I translated that as I was never enough.

It wasn’t any one circumstance that started creating a new life for me. It was a decision that I have made over and over again over the past three years.

I choose peace.

I choose peace by going to therapy, by getting a divorce, by working a recovery program, by reading books that grow me, by meditating, by practicing yoga, by spending time in the deep desert, by cultivating self care, by prioritizing self love, by using essential oils and foods that I know will support my emotional health and spiritual growth, by hydrating, by taking meds, by using CBD, by spending time with my safest friends, by repairing my relationship with money … the list is endless.

Essential oils are one of the paths I’ve taken into a life that opens wide to abundance. I say it all the time: oils are not my abundance, oils support my abundance. Energetically they bolster the work I am doing in every deep crack of my life.

I’ve supported my nervous system and helped regulate my emotions by adding essential oils into my daily rituals.

I’ve used oils to help bolster my self healing journey.

I’ve developed a clearer sense of self and learned how to self regulate more effectively.

Running my own business, being my own boss, has empowered me to create a life that gives me the gift of being able to drop my kids off at school, pick them up again, and spend time with them every day that I have them.

Even if it’s time spent just watching a movie together while I work.

I’ve worked alongside other like minded womxn who are creating the lives they want and sharing how they do it.

I’ve taken days off to explore Arizona with my babies.

I’ve worked from anywhere I have my iPhone or a WiFi signal.

As I’ve worked to deeply and thoroughly change my mindset surrounding money I have completely delighted in the endless flow of giving and receiving.

I pay my bills. And that’s something every single mama knows is a kiss from the universe.

There’s a poem called ‘The Autobiography of Eve’ from Ansel Elkins that says:

“Let it be known: I did not fall from grace.
I leapt to freedom.”

Those two lines sum up the story of my life over the past four years. I leapt from lack, from religion, from stagnation, from fear, from resentment, from unhealthy relationships, from a life that felt predominately oppressive into abundance.

I leapt to freedom.

And I am holding the gate open for every other person who is ready to leap into their own freedom.

Our online community is a space for exactly that. We have filled this private facebook group with resources, trainings, inspiration, motivation, monthly mastermind live feeds, and so much more. We are centered around two pillars: diversity + inclusive language and abundance. We are intentionally creating space where EVERYONE is not only accepted, but affirmed. LGBTQIA+ folx, POC, and everyone who has ever felt like they don’t quite identify or resonate with the traditional approach to creating a business with companies that rely on community resources. This is your space. You are celebrated here. We welcome and celebrate all spiritual and life paths within LEAP.

If you are ready to leap, to leave behind the depleting energy of lack, to rewrite the story of your life, to repair your relationship with money, to reclaim your life and fully enjoy it, and to align yourself with like minded Young Living entrepreneurs please come join us.

LEAP is a free online community. Our only requirement is that you have an account within my downline with Young Living and that you are ready to grow. You can build a business or not - you’re the only one who can decide if that aligns for you - but what you will find in this group is unlike anything else we’ve personally encountered in other offerings.

*If you’re curious about what book launched this journey for me you’ll learn all about it in the group!