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Hi Friends

I once heard someone say that a story about who we are NOT isn’t interesting, but a story about who we ARE is fascinating. So, as I type out this story of who I am, I remember who I have been. I once was an unhappy wife who finally did the bravest, truest thing and got a divorce. I once was a religious asshole, carrying the weight of spiritual abuse and purity culture. My long process of deconstruction has completely reshaped my spirituality (if this is also your story, come join our Wild Spirituality group on Facebook). I once was presumably straight and have welcomed and embraced the fluidity of my sexuality. I once was a woman living in the shadow of control, fear, and lack, but here I am living in the glow of healing and freedom and abundance. I once was oblivious to the effects of privilege and systemic racism in the world but the gift of 2016 has been my complete and growing awakening.

Today I am:
a very happily single mama
in love with the desert I live in
a natural light photographer
an entrepreneur creating alongside like minded people in our LEAP community
in pursuit of a low waste/zero waste lifestyle
completely intrigued by the path of the green witch
an intersectional feminist
the creative director for she does justice
embracing my divine queerness and the gift of parenting an epic trans boy
a student of the laws of the universe
a writer/storyteller
very, very happy